Supporting Culture, Sports & Young Talent

Sponsorship of culture and sports is a firm feature of our corporate and communications strategy. Our sponsorship decisions are influenced by the potential for long term collaborations with the aim to provide much more than just financial support.

Our sponsorship partners have one thing in common: passion for what they do, and pursuit of excellence – something we strongly support through the ethos of Elevated Privileges. In keeping with these high standards, Meteora Developers only works with partners at the top of their respective fields.

We believe that our role extends to building, shaping and elevating communities, transforming them to ones that appreciate arts, music, culture and sports. This is the objective we are addressing through our activities and engagements under our sub-brand ‘Meteora Developers Presents’, by supporting world-class sporting events, musical evenings and art exhibitions.


Guiding Principles

Design, Engineer, Build, Deliver, Service


Investment Strategy

Creating value through innovative real estate strategies